Ahhh Easter, that joyous time of rebirth and blessings. Unless one of those blessings happens to be a whacked relative, or as we like to call them “repellatives.”

We can’t be sure of the identities of the two moms who got into fisticuffs at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Easter Egg Hunt because no one pressed charges, but we can guess they are related.

We’ve seen it before.  One minute the extended family happily dons their Spring dresses, or in this Seattle case pastel insulated vests, and goes skipping through the zoo swinging their empty baskets. Then someone yells “GO” and it’s every child for himself.

Unless a mom decides that there is absolutely no way that her little darling is not going to win the plastic egg collection count. According to Katharine Lackey’s article in USA TODAY, that is exactly what happened. The confrontation began when “one woman reportedly pushed a child aside as her own child was scrambling toward some brightly colored eggs,” the police department said in a statement. The two women had to be separated three or four times and one ended up with a bloody nose.

Maybe Mom #1 just dreaded hearing about Mom#2’s child once again doing something/anything better than her own child at the family dinner table. Like we say in our book, “The Buffer Zone”, CRAZY IS RELATIVE.

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