One Week Later

We recently finished our humor book “THE BUFFER ZONE/Crazy is Relative” about dysfunctional families and decided to start this blog about them also. Not the heartbreaking dysfunctional ones that, unfortunately, you hear about every day, but the ones we all have – the wacky aunt, the annoying brother, the loser cousin. The relatives that cause all the unnecessary drama, and conflict over important things like Tupperware, in any family. Yeah, you know the ones.

Last Monday I was working on a new post, and in an instant nothing was funny. It was tragic, horrific, unfathomable. Our hearts weep once again for the families who lost innocent loved ones to senseless, violent acts. I really can’t imagine how you go on after a loss like that, but I guess you just do.

Yes, Mr. Rogers, we will look for the helpers, and try to carry on as normal. Because this is our new reality, and to not do so, is to sink into despair.

So we will still attempt to make you chuckle by laying out our extended families’ quirks for all to see, and roll around on them like our dog on a dead frog. There will still be posts complaining, grumbling, and criticizing the crazies, along with the silent thanks that they are still here.

Love and prayers,

The BZ

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