Only 29 More Days!

We’re sure you are bursting with excitement, and anxiously awaiting “The Buffer Zone Day” on July 31. Hopefully, by now, you have established a Buffer Zone from the crazies in your family, and have nothing left to do but organize the wine you have been stockpiling for this glorious day of celebration.

It’s also a good idea to research the noise ordinance in your neighborhood so you know how many A-scale (the scale that is closest to the way the human ear registers sound) decibels is allowed without a visit from the police. Closing your blackout drapes will help deaden the sound of the live band and  raucous laughter, as well as keep undesirable relatives from peeking through the window panes into your party.

Count on us to share a few more helpful tips in the next few weeks to make this year’s “The Buffer Zone Day” celebration the best one yet!

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