This Much Is Tru-ue

I started this blog after my sister and I finished the book we had been working on for the past 6 years. We wanted to post incidents and stories we found amusing for other’s weekly (or whenever we get around to it) enjoyment.


This blog and accompanying Twitter, Facebook, etc. were started to market our book. After reading countless marketing books and blogs, and watching every available video on launching a product on Social Networking Sites (SNS), we came to the conclusion that this is what we must do to be successful.

Beginning to tip toe into the confusing world of SNS, I set up account after account, hoping to remember the username and password for each. It took 3 days and a few phone calls to get this blog up, although I’m still not sure how to follow bloggers or get a photo to tile in the background. My first tweet (fittingly on April 1st) contained no hashtags, and was to my Twitter account, which had no followers. Just a little sentence whispered into oblivion.

The plan was to figure out what the heck we were doing before really putting ourselves out there and asking to be “liked.” The excitement was building until one day, out of the blue, one of the 68 followers, who happened to stumble upon The Buffer Zone, unfollowed us….Suddenly, I was back in junior high wondering who I was going to sit next to at lunch.

Although some might disagree, I think I am getting the hang of this and am ready to see where this journey takes us.

What have I learned? That I can purchase 15,000 followers, and tweeters unfollow you to keep their ratios tight. That being a social marketing ninja takes hours and hours everyday to keep up with what’s trending.

And that there is a vast number of clever, talented people all over the world. I have literally stopped dead while reading a passage to admire how beautifully the author crafted a sentence. I picture another blogger being my new BFF, sharing her humorous anecdotes with me over drinks.

I know this much is true. If The Buffer Zone book is never published, or we fail to reach even 5 more followers, I will still spend some time searching select sites. The rest of my free time will be spent reading the spectacular new books I’ve discovered there, and will be forever thankful to the people who sit typing in obscurity for the knowledge learned, insights provoked, and chuckles provided.

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