Giddy With Excitement (And Now Hunger)

It is just two short weeks to July 31st, The Buffer Zone Day! Since, like us, you are probably writing down the items you need from the grocery store on the back of an empty cable service envelope, here is one of our favorite recipes to use for your own celebration.


One big hunk of any kind of cheese

Another big hunk of a different kind of cheese

Some amount of cream cheese

Chop cheeses into similar size chunks. Place in heat proof bowl and put in microwave or oven. Heat at whatever temperature you need, for as long as you need, to get it nice and gooey. Remove from microwave or oven, and place bowl on hot pad in middle of table. Dip anything edible into cheese and enjoy. Serving size depends on cheese hunk size, and how festive/stressed/intoxicated the guests are likely to be.

Be sure to share this on facebook so that you don’t forget the recipe.

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