Now This Is The Most Evil Mother-In-Law Ever!

home depot


Think you have the worst mother-in-law ever?

Does she criticize your weight, your housekeeping, or your child rearing philosophy? Well, yours has nothing on Angela Costarakis’ MIL, 70 year old Diana Reaves Costarakis of Middleburg, FL.

According to an AP article and police report from Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office, Costarakis offered an undercover officer $5000 to kill her daughter-in-law. She met the officer at Home Depot on Wednesday, I guess thinking he could pick up whatever tools he would need while he was there, and told him that if he didn’t kill her, she would.

After being arrested, Costarakis told police that her daughter-in-law was a drunk, a bad mother, and was leaving her son and taking her 6 year old granddaughter to Denver.

Angela Costarakis, seemingly bewildered, told WJXT that her MIL’s statement wasn’t true, and that “I am beyond sad and it breaks my heart because it messes up the family.”  Angela added “I have compassion. I don’t want to see anyone spend the rest of their life in jail. However, I’m still dealing with it. I just found out. I have not wrapped my head around it.”

Angela, I agree that’s a pretty messed up family, and personally feel like you are being way too generous. On the bright side, you won’t have to listen to your mother-in-law make sarcastic comments about your lumpy turkey gravy on Thanksgiving, because she is being held without bail in the Duval County Jail.

11 thoughts on “Now This Is The Most Evil Mother-In-Law Ever!

  1. Good post. If these sorts of things interest you, google Nicole Doucet and the Supreme Court of Canada. It is now okay to try and hire a hit man to kill your ex-husband if you live in Canada.

  2. I always knew that I was very lucky in finding a second mother in my mother in law, but if I ever doubted it, this would have certainly put any doubt into perspective. wowy…

  3. I wonder…did the mother-in-law, conspire to kill the daughter-in-law over the weight, food, drunkeness or leaving? Perhaps it was the combination that set her off. Still, you have to wonder, what that “straw on the camel’s back” moment really was. lol Either way, good thing they caught her in time. I’d heard somewhere long ago, that you never marry one person; you marry the entire clan. Perhaps the statement is true. IF nothing else, it should inspire us to take a closer look at what we’re getting into before we say “I-do”. lol Luv this blog & the post is great. BTW~ we loved your tagline: “CRAZY IS RELATIVE” You should copywrite, coin…whatever one does with a statement, because that one, is good as gold!! I can see that going big. No joke! We look forward to stopping by and reading more of your posts.

    • You are right! It would be so interesting to find out what “straw broke the camel’s back!”
      I’m finding a lot of people keep their crazy relative hidden until after the marriage. Then it’s “Oh, I didn’t tell you about her?”
      Thanks for the compliments on the blog and tag line. Rest assured I’ll be checking out your book. Dark and twisted sounds like ideal bedtime reading! All the best, Diane

  4. I feel like if I were terrible enough for my MIL to seriously try to kill me, she should at least offer more than $5000. I’m a slippery little bugger. Thanks for following my blog! Can’t wait to see what you get up to.

  5. I divorced my mother in law about 20 years ago. I really wanted to tie her up by the ankles and strip the skin from her body while she lived and breathed and her son watched, but my psychiatrist hospitalized me instead. Funny stuff.

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