Christmas Is Coming, We Are Getting Fat.


Another Thanksgiving weekend for the books, and because of our BZ there were no outbursts, or arrests for drunken lawn mower driving.

There was a lot of eating and baking, and then eating the baking, which I find much more enjoyable than venturing out to shop on Black Friday. Why would you want to camp out in the cold to fight with some stranger, when you can fight with your own family any time?

If you were fortunate enough to escape family drama for Thanksgiving, remember Christmas is coming. Maybe you are in the midst of 8 days of dysfunction right now. Remember every detail (like you could forget?) in order to entertain your friends, including us, after the holidays are over. You just might have the winning dysfunctional family incident for Buffer Zone Day 2014.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming, We Are Getting Fat.

  1. Haha– love the title of this. It’s not the goose we’re worried about getting fat, it’s ourselves. Also, very good point about fighting with strangers– why bother when we have our family members to fight with? Truth.

    • Our holiday guest count varies, along with drama that comes along with it. It should be a wonderful gathering this year, which is very exciting. Enjoy your time with your family, and remember the big, extended clan ones always look nicer on TV.
      All the best, Diane

  2. Great post! We don’t ‘do’ Thanksgiving here in the UK so just have Christmas to look forward to. I have had enough family drama at Christmas to last a lifetime (you can imagine with an alcoholic dad, ha, and a passive-aggressive ex-husband…) so it’s lovely to have just my three kids (grown) and now-husband together for the Christmas holiday.

    The only drama we can look forward to now is from dressing up our two cats in their Christmas hats. 😉

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