On The Twelfth Day of Dysfunction


Do these Ringling Clowns look like Lord Grantham’s family when compared to your extended family? Or at least certain members of your clan?

I thought so.

You know who these people are. You grew up with them. Or perhaps they came later, as in-laws or evil nieces and nephews. Then one day it occurred to you that most of them are idiots, addicts, or just plain deranged. The Buffer Zone is for that frightening epiphany. And every day thereafter.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our 12-day dysfunctional celebration song. Clear your throat, do some vocal warm-up scales and join with me now:

(Loudly) On the twelfth day of Christmas hope Santa brought to me dysfunction-free kin, better selective hearing, no brawls or food fights, a new alias, no surprise house guests, an unlisted number, a superb retort, (milk this line) one mooorre stiff drrrinnnkkkk……., (big breath) no bail-requests, comfort food, drama-free days, (bring it home) AND  A  BUFFER  ZONE  DMZ!

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