It’s All Good Till Someone Loses An Ear


Another day, another brotherly scuffle.

According to Huffington Post ( and an article in the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, police say that 27-year-old Sean Fallon-Nebbia, pictured above, ending up biting part of his brother’s ear off, punching him several times in the face, and knocking him out just to make sure he got the message.

But what started this brotherly brouhaha at the Super Bowl Party Fallon-Nebbia hosted? Sure, they drank a whole bottle of whiskey before the incident, but I’m guessing that is not unusual.

Based on a trend I’m are seeing, it was not about the outcome of the game, or whether Peyton Manning is still the man, it was something about the food ( Lord knows that people are passionate about their food. Were the chips stale? Not enough bean burrito dip to go around? Was it an issue that the pigs-in-a-blanket weren’t gluten free?

Maybe the issue that ignited the fight will come out during the trial. Meanwhile, the younger brother has a Buffer Zone, a restraining order, and a good shot at winning our Most Dysfunctional Family Contest.(

9 thoughts on “It’s All Good Till Someone Loses An Ear

  1. Another one? This type of rivalry seems to happening a lot lately. It’s definitely something in the food, or not enough food in which case brings on the chowing down of someone’s ears. It’s all a bit disturbing.

    • Speaking of disturbing things, ears, and food, there is a nice restaurant in Cincinnati, The Montgomery Inn Boathouse, that is famous for it’s ribs. It has a beautiful view of the Ohio River, and is decorated with an abundance of sports memorabilia. What is disturbing about that? In a prominent glass display case there is the piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear that Mike Tyson bit off in their boxing match in June, of 1997. I always avert my eyes when we pass, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat an otherwise enjoyable meal there! Nasty!

      • It sounds like a very nice place for a meal. However, if I had someone’s bitten off ear ‘looking’ at me, there’s no way I could eat. I would have to request a table far away from that ear.

  2. The people at the SB party I attended were divided between the two teams so half were mad and half were happy but everyone was worked up. Next year, I will watch Downton Abbey reruns instead. Maybe it was the food, after all!

  3. I would argue PB&J sandwiches aren’t good even if someone doesn’t lose an ear (yuk!) but hey, what do I know. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl – maybe this is related to some peanut butter commercial that was sung in Arabic or something…?

    • HMMM…I half listened to most of the Super Bowl, so I actually didn’t see the commercials. That’s an interesting theory. You have me thinking there might have been subliminal messages about PB&Js inserted into them. All the best, Diane

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