This Is Why You Don’t Mix DNA


If you can’t read the above question, or can’t believe you just read the above question, here it is:

“If I Am Pregnant Will The Baby Be Part My Man’s Wife Too? I heard the DNA might get mixed because they are married and it would be 50% him (because he is a man) and then 25% me and her. It has something to do with a baby needs two x’s and one y and that is how a child gets it if the dad is married, right? P.S. Don’t worry, he is going to leave her soon because he loves me. She is psycho though and is holding on to him even though he hates her. I am only asking because I don’t want my baby to look like her. She is gross”.

You do the math.

50%  of a baby’s DNA is from the daddy + 25% from the mommy + 25% from the baby daddy’s wife = gross baby.

This question, posed on the internet, is funny because it’s so unbelievable (yet in reality, it’s a sad situation). I wonder where she got the 50/25/25 information? There is still sex education in school, isn’t there?

When I was young (OK, admittedly a long time ago), what facts you didn’t know, or already suspect, were taught in 5th grade. The boys were ushered into one classroom with the male gym teacher, and the girls were kept in another with a female teacher.  After a short film, and no discussion (because no one dared ask a question), we went back to our regular classroom and spent the rest of the day avoiding eye contact with the opposite sex. We knew, that they knew, what we knew.

Of course, the teachers never covered the baby daddy subject since it wasn’t trending at that time.

Although, if this girl is on to something, it could explain why one of your siblings is nothing like the rest of the family. They weren’t switched at birth at the hospital, or abducted by aliens and replaced with an alien baby as you suspected. Their DNA got “mixed.”

I’m sure quite a few of you are wondering about this right now. While you may not like the idea of your daddy mixing it up with anyone, when it comes down to it, that has to be better than thinking you share the same genetic makeup as your bizarre family member.

And honey, he’s never going to leave her. Go find a man worthy of your X chromosome.