Yay For Me!! Uh, Wait…

I recently got a message from Word Press congratulating me on my 50th blog post. I was feeling pretty proud of myself since I fittingly started this blog on April 1st, 2013.

IMG_5855  I looked like this.

Until I remembered that I only write about 5 paragraphs, and had a 12 Days of Dysfunction Christmas song, where I added a line a day. Suddenly, my stats were not so impressive.

Like most people, real life and time constraints come into play. While I always have blog ideas swimming around in my somewhat fuzzy brain, I find myself spending most of my available time reading some really impressive and entertaining posts by other bloggers.

We are gearing up for the The Buffer Zone Dysfunctional Family Survey posts, so check back to amuse yourself with crazy family incidents, and feel better about your DNA. Until then, I will be re-blogging some of my favorite posts by incredible writers.

Remember you only have 123 days until The Buffer Zone Day.

Now I’m A Little Frightened

Publisher Harper Collins recently posted this true/false question – “My book collection says something about who I am…..”

Immediately, I thought absolutely true! You choose to read books that appeal to your interests, or ones that you hope will teach you a piece of valuable information. Even books you read “for entertainment” only make you laugh if you identify with the situations the author presents.

Thinking about this question on and off during the day made me curious about my own bookshelves. Now, surveying them, I’m a little frightened. These are some of the titles on my shelves:

DNA For Dummies, 101 Homeopathic Headache Remedies, The US Penal System for the Proactive, Birth Order Backlash, Belittled Women, DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and one I bought just because I was fooled by its cover.

Uhhhh……alrighty then. I think that makes it pretty clear about who I am. What does your book collection say about you?