Heading to Thanksgiving Dinner?



On the way to your family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner with the extended clan? I’m going to guess that your dinner table companions do not resemble the ones in this famous Norman Rockwell painting, except maybe the guy in the bottom right hand corner. He looks a little creepy….

Which it is why it is very important to get to the dining room table first so that you can stake out the best seat, far away from your repellative (our term for ridiculously crazy relatives), and close to the exit.

Hopefully, you have done some deep breathing exercises in the car on the way, and have packed a little flask of holiday spirits.

Wishing you a thankful day.


They’re Coming! A guest post about family and food from The Buffer Zone

Excited about my first guest blog, and inspired to make a few of the healthy recipes on Small Potatoes as soon as the triple chocolate caramel creme cookies come out of the oven!

Small Potatoes

Each month, Small Potatoes will be inviting a guest blogger to share  stories, recipes, and relationships to their food systems. Enjoy this first one from Diane at The Buffer Zone. Would you like a side of dysfunction with that turkey? 

H_bushesThey’re Coming!

Diane, of  The Buffer Zone

Buffer  n. 1. Something that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact.  2. A neutral area between two conflicting powers.

Buffer Zone  n. 1. Where you can hide when you realize the “conflicting powers” are your dysfunctional relatives.

Lately, I’ve been trying to follow a diet I like to call the “Don’t Eat Crap Diet.” You know, no processed foods, no Diet Coke, blah, blah, etc., which is why I check out this blog about eating locally grown, right-from-the-ground type food.  However, Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means relatives breaking our established Buffer Zone to join us for dinner…

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Getting Ready…

Changing it up here on The Buffer Zone Blog in between making a map of escape routes from the location where Thanksgiving dinner will be held, and getting ready to be the FIRST guest blogger on an award winning site.

Check back to see the blog post, and the new BZ layout after it’s completed. Meanwhile, if you are extremely nearsighted, enjoy this version.